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Brushless DC Motor (BLDC) & Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM)

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Classification BLDC motors by load[2013-10-14]
Brushless DC motor is widely application, such as cars, tools, industrial control, automation and aerospace and so on. Overall, the brushless DC motor can be divided into the following two main application...
Beligum BEA representatives pay a visit to Hengdrive[2013-09-27]
 2013.9.27 9:00 AM Belgium BEA corporation representative--- John Verleyen paid a visit to our Hengdrive. John was receipted by the main responsible person of Hendrive’s ENG (Engineer Department...
Hengdrive security notice - Usagi typhoon[2013-09-25]
According to the China news, it reported that most of Guangdong province suffer the Usagi typhoon , the strongest wind power reached 14 level., which cause serious economic loss and a lot of injuries. There are...
Hengdrive participate The 14th China International Machinery and elect...[2013-09-24]
During 23th to 26th Sep. 2013, the 14th China International Machinery and electronic Exposition is held in WuhanExhibitionCenter . China International Machinery and electronic Exposition was called the No....
2013 Mid Autumn Day Holiday Notice[2013-09-16]
From 19th-21th,Sep. we will have the Mid-Autumn Holiday!
South Korea MBK visit Hengdrive for BLDC motors[2013-09-12]
On 9th. September, 2013, South Korea company —MBK representative -- Mr JOHNSON and CLARE KIM visited our company.
Why should standard brushless DC motor have three Hall ?[2013-09-11]
In short, there should be always exist a certain angle between the stator coil field and the rotor permanent magnet so that the brushless DC motor can rotate. The process of the rotor rotation is the process of...
BLDC motor for industrial energy-saving![2013-09-10]
Regarding to power consumption of the whole society , there are about 70% spent in the industry, while and the electricity consumption in industrial motors occupy 70% of the entire industrial. Therefore , we ca...
The effects of Alipay bring to Hengdrive’s BLDC motor online sales.[2013-09-09]
As users of Alibaba, Hengdrive has also opened its Alipay account for online business. So far  there is no uniform standard brushless DC motor business, which is hard to say the current situation is suit i...
BLDC MOTOR[2013-09-05]
Brushless DC motors is build up with the motor body and the drive. it is a typical mechatronic products. Brushless motor is a type of motor with brushless and commutator ( or collector ring ), also known as no ...
The working principle of BLDC motor[2013-09-04]
Brushless DC motor with Brushless DC drive circuit is using a stator winding , rather than a brush DC motor rotor windings. Mechanical commutator / brush system replaced by electronic commutator ( i.e. the brus...
Hengdrive participate the 15th CIOE![2013-09-03]
Hengdrive will participate the 15th CIOE during 4th to 7th Sep. this is the 7th exhibitions this year.
A new type of IC leading BLDC motor entry modern vehicles market[2013-09-02]
Accounting on the latest report from in August, a new type advanced motor controller IC called MLX81150 mainly use with direct current (DC) and single or dual phase brush-less direct current (BLDC) mot...
Baidu PK AutoNavi, the internet fight become even more violent![2013-08-30]
This is a news said that Baidu declared it will offer free APP Navigation since 28th Aug. and even more, customers can get their money back if they have already paid for it. That’s marvelous news for all Chine...
Attention to deliver the Hengdrive BLDC motor samples[2013-08-29]
When dealing with customer , sending samples is frequent for Hengdrive brushless DC motor salesman . Sending the sample looks simple ,actually especially need to pay attention to the package.
BLDC Motor is a central issue of application in energy-conservation an...[2013-08-28]
Under the dual pressure of shortage energy and harsh environment, it is an inevitable trend to design higher efficiency, better dynamic performance and lower noise motor. Data shows that the global demands of m...
The future expectation for Hengdrive and BLDC motor[2013-08-27]
There is expected that the sales of permanent magnet brushless DC motor from 2012 to 2017, the figure will exceed twice of DC servo motor. IMSResearch report, DC servo motors and permanent magnet brushless DC m...
The growth of macro market for permanent magnet brushless DC motor[2013-08-26]
Although the DC servo motors are widely used in the automotive sector, however, its market potential is inferior of permanent magnet brushless DC motor.
Shunde International Household Appliance Exhibition[2013-08-23]
Hengdrive participates in the Shunde International Household Appliance Exhibition
2017 Automotive Brushless DC motor will increase of 52%[2013-08-22]
From 2012 to 2017, the shipments of brushless DC motor used in the automotive industry will exceed DC servo motors and stepper motors.
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