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Hengdrive gets formal success in high voltage driving program

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There is a big and good news from Hengdrive Electronic R&D. After continuous research and testing, they have been successfully developed high voltage driver to match Hengdrive BLDC Motors. Right now, there are two programs AC110V-230V and DC80V-380V, which can match Hengdrive motors with OD42MM and above.

The following picture for showing


The success development of high voltage driver has to broaden Hengdrive BLDC Motor’s application range. The usage method is simplified because of do not need to rectify and reduce voltage now. Now it is more conducive to replacing the old motors.


Current typical applications:
1. Air cleaner with DC310V currently in the market. The optional models are B4235M, B4260M, B5665M, B6030S, and B8035M. The accurate model will as per your actual parameters

2. Heater fan, Ventilator, Fan etc…, which with ac induction motors previously. But AC220V high voltage driver will be much more suitable. Furthermore, we consider that the load is blade, recommending Outer Rotor BLDC Motors B6020S, B6030S, and B8035M. The accurate model will as per your actual load.

3. Other Home Application, also with high voltage AC220V. The optional models: B4260M, B5665M, B8035M etc….

If there will be other high voltage required, please advice the actual parameters, we will check and suggest the suitable BLDC motors for choosing.