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Influence of BLDC Motor application from Rare-earth NdFeB

Source:Shenzhen HengdriveEditor:NSWAuthor:NSWVisit:-Release time:2014-07-23 22:53

In order to keep the good performance, BLDC Motors adopt NdFeB with permanent magnet. NdFeB is one kind of rare earth permanent magnet material, which is intermetallic that enclosing difference rear earth, transition metal (Fe,Co,Ni etc…). NdFeB that with character s: high magnetic, straight back magnetic, heat-resistant, good temperature stability, etc…Rare-earth permanent magnet mainly use in Small & Special Electrical Machines, Electric motor and Maglev Train. With the rapid development of these industries, the application of rare earth permanent magnet material is becoming more and more popular.


Rare-earth permanent magnet is a kind of non-renewable resources. Although the reserves are abundant, the government for control strictly for the kind of wasting resources and designated specialize enterprise to exploit and manufacture. Which lead to the price of Rare-earth permanent magnet is raising, there with the price of BLDC Motor also rising, which make some hinder for generalizing BLDC Motor.


Absolutely, the appropriate control is necessary for non-renewable resources. The development of science and technology cannot be based at the cost of the offspring’s resources.