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Why BLDC Motor with Built-in Driver?

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BLDC Motor, besides the body itself, there is with another important part that is BLDC Motor’s controller, also named as driver. Unlike the method of carbon brush to reverse in Brush Motor, BLDC Motor will do via electron. Let BLDC Motor rotate, the process will be as following:

BLDC motor drive

BLDC Motor’s inside hall sensor react the rotor’s accurate location, and then power transistor in transverter will be sorted according to the stators wire-wrapping. Magnetic field that electricity runs through BLDC Motor’s coil interacts with stator’s magnet to make BLDC Motor rotating.


Certainly, this simple driver just can ensure the elementary rotating function for BLDC Motor. Hengdrive BLDC Motor also besides PWM, FG etc…, which will need much more complex PCBA to work out! As following is the one we made, which to be controlled via function integration PCBA.

bldc motor integrated drive

Hengdrive standard BLDC motor B3640M