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How to choose a brushless motor for a fan?

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Used in conjunction with a fan, is one of the most extensive usages of brushless motors. Whether a small fan, vacuum cleaner, hair dryer or some other small appliances, Principles are the same: An impeller is rotated by a motor to achieve appropriate results. Then, what do we need to pay attention to when choosing a brushless motor for an impeller?

Firstly, of course it is the operating voltage. Brushless motors are generally low voltage DC supply, so if it is direct access to AC220V power, a power adapter is needed ,which can step-down the voltage to the motor’s power range.

Secondly, the pore size of the impeller and the shaft diameter of the motor should be matched. If the impeller is slightly smaller aperture, it can be solved easily: the motor shaft can be processed into a flat position or we can modify the impeller aperture; but if the pore size is bigger than the diameter of motor shaft, it is much more difficult to solve: we can make a bushing for the motor, or open a new impeller mold, or choose a bigger motor, these methods can cause costs rise, and is time-consuming.


Finally, the most important thing is to confirm the rated torque. Because of the different in material and size of the impeller , design of the duct , the actual air volume is different, and the rated performance will be different when the impeller rotate with the assembly brushless motor. In order to confirming the rated torque, we usually ask a impeller for testing from our customers. After testing the rated torque, we will ultimately determine brushless motor model, and provide a performance curve to the customers.


On above issues, some customers may feel more trouble; they think they do not have many requirements,only blade rotation. But as a motor supplier, we hope that we can provide the most suitable products, which means the motor and impeller work at the best efficiency point. We need your helps to do this, and is also helpful for you to cooperate with your own customers.