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The patent of a slotless brushless DC motor

Source:Shenzhen HengdriveEditor:NSWAuthor:NSWVisit:-Release time:2014-05-30 00:25

October 9, 2013, the Hengdrive R&D department successfully developed a slotless brushless DC motor, and applies for a patent. Now we get the patent successful and announce it in February 19, 2014. The Patent No. is 201 310 466 288, Publication (announcement) No. is CN103595199A, and CLC No. is H02K15/085 (2006.01) I.


The invention discloses a stator winding process and mechanism of slotless brushless DC motor .The process comprising by five steps:
1, Placing the winding in the ring cavity of the stator and then fixed the stator;
2, The winding ring is rotated by winder to make the Enameled wire winding on the storage trough.
3, One end of the enameled wire is fixed on the stator, and rotated in the reverse direction by the winding reel, so that the wire in reservoir trough will uniformly distributed inside the stator winding slots;
4, The stator winding machine driving a horizontal rotation angle of the winding slot, the another winding start. The progress will be repeated until all the winding slots of the stator winding;
5, Open the wound ring, and remove the stator.


The Winding process achieve a mechanical automatic winding, which improve production efficiency and beneficial for the mass production; when mechanical wind, the enameled wire receive strength unformly,reduce the amount of winding pinhole, so it can improve the motor performance stability.