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The tendency of China brushless motor market during 2015-2020

Source:HengdriveEditor:hengdriveAuthor:hengdriveVisit:-Release time:2015-10-27 10:03

From the "2015--2020 China's DC brushless motor industry market research and investment outlook report" , which is released by Suppliers Industrial Research Institute, we know that with the constant innovation of the domestic market needs category for brushless DC motor, the downstream enterprises put a higher demand of the brushless DC motors , mainly in two aspects:

1. Motor shape will tend to the smaller and lighter;
2. The motor overall performance improvements, includes the energy efficient, low noise, and high stability.


With the improving of rare earth materials performance, China's rare earth production increasing and technologies are maturing day by days. At the same time, high-power switching devices successfully developed and integrated to achieve control, these promote the mass production and lower the cost of the permanent magnet brushless DC motor. The BLDC motor advantages are more obvious now.


With the improvement of people's living standards, modern production and office automation are necessary. The home appliances, industrial robots and other equipment are growing tendency to high efficiency, miniaturization and high intelligence.
As an important part of the actuator, the motor must have a high precision, high speed, high efficiency. The brushless DC motor applications are growing rapidly because of these features.

At this stage, although a variety of AC motors and DC motors still dominate in transmission applications, but brushless DC motor has been widely given attention.The next years, China brushless motor market is more optimistic.

According to the report: China’s DC brushless motor is expected to more than 48 billion on 2020.