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Hengdrive have already been back from the 14th Shunde Household Appliances Fair

Source:Shenzhen HengdriveEditor:NSWAuthor:NSWVisit:-Release time:2014-08-24 18:28

The Fourteenth Shunde International Household Appliances Fair has ended successfully last Saturday. Compared with previous years, the exhibition also attracted Midea, Gree and other white goods manufacturers. As a component of household appliances, the application of brushless motor is in gradual expansion, and it also appears more and more in the series of exhibitions of household appliances.

Hengdrive attend the exhibition in the hope to show brushless motor, a new type of energy-saving household appliances, to many manufacturers; and also want to communicate with the major appliance manufacturers to discuss the future direction of the appliance industry. In accordance with this, Hengdrive will adjust the development policies and strategies, to do with the household appliances market with the times, and common development.


In addition, Hengdrive also carries several newly developed products, hoping to reach cooperation with some top home appliances manufacturers. For example, the brushless condenser fans, which is special for refrigerators, and hope to make cooperation with some well-known white goods business in this part of the refrigerator; another small power air purifier is dedicated outer rotor brushless motor B3020S, the main target customer groups are desktop, vehicle type air purifier manufacturers, as well as some desktop air humidifiers and other small air purification products manufacturers too.