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How to make the brushless dc motor longevity?

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How to make the BLDC motor live longer? For example the motor for electric vehicle, although low speed brushless does not have carbon brush but it needs a hall for reversing. In super load condition, the bad reversing is easily happen to form a magnetic short circuit, thus burning drive controller and hall component. So overloading has a very big impact to the brushless motor.

Brushless dc motor is the power organization of electric vehicle; its performance is good or not, has a direct impact to the whole vehicle. So the maintenance is necessary.

1, checking the attrition rate for the electric bicycle commutator. In general, the brush should be replaced when it is wear 4 ~ 5 mm away from the lead, or when the depth of the commutator surface is greater than 0.5mm, the brush should be replaced. For normal working motor, no matter what the attrition rate is it; the commutator should be changed periodically (usually one or two years)

2, whatever the brush motor or the brushless motor for electric vehicle, the excessive input current will impact the operational performance. The motor voltage is supply by the drive controller. The aging of the electronics components within the controller will lead to high input current. Therefore the drive controller have to be inspected, if necessary, replace the controller.

3, on a regular lubrication should be executing to the gears, bearings and parts. If the inner and outer wear attrition of the gear and bearing is too large, the ant vibration-slice is deformation, the spring performance is decline or break, and the commutator should be changed

4, Pay attention to give electric vehicle battery charging frequently, keep the battery voltage to prevent the motor heating which lead to the motor aging accelerated.