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Business Equipment- solution of the base station antennas electric motor, Security monitor drive motor

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Customer products : base station antennas electric motor, Security monitor drive


The original motor and characteristics: stepping motor; can achieve precision Angle position control through pulse drive control, but efficiency is very low, is about 30%, noise is high, reliability is bad , lifetime is within 300hrs.

Hengdrive Brushless DC motor characteristics: Brushless DC motor,with built-in driver circuit, hall components, which can collect Rotor position signal ,achieve precision Angle position control, efficiency is very high, is about 60~80%,noise is very small, reliability is high, lifetime is 30000hrs.

Hengdrive items: B2418M、B2430M、B3657M、B4260M

Characteristics:CW/CCW both rotation, signal function available, locked rotor protection, low inertia, low noise, low EMI, long life over 10000hrs