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BLDC Motor for Larger and Mid-sized Air Purifier

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Firstly, congratulation on we got a new order of the brushless motor B8035M, which is specialized for the medium-sized air purifiers.

B8035M is the unique flat-shaped rotor brushless motor of Hengdrive. It is equipped with a special ultra-quiet FOC program,which is designed for larger & medium-sized air purifiers. It is our secret weapon for the Air purifier market. 



The customer is a large domestic air purifier manufacturer, currently produces air purifiers for home, office and other indoor occasions, so it has strictly requirement of the noise. Heng Drive recommended the ultra-quiet FOC program to the customers.It costs slightly higher than conventional solutions, but it worth. Here, very grateful to the customers, they quickly confirmed the price and asked samples for testing. We offered the samples as quickly as we can, and the testing result is very good.  The first trial ordercame soon,then the mass orders.


brushless motor for air purifiers


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