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B96A1M - Hengdrive underwater vehicle powered BLDC Motor

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Underwater vehicles, it is also known as unmanned vehicles (UUV). It refers to an instrument that is driven by no one, and is controlled by remote control or automatic control under water. It is also called "diving robot" or "underwater robot". In the past, underwater robots were expensive and used more in industry, but with the continued popularity of underwater entertainment. In Europe and the United States, underwater robots are quietly popular among diving enthusiasts and fishing enthusiasts.

The diver controls the running direction by changing the inclination of the device by weight. With it, for the first time, whether on the surface or in deep water, people can move flexibly in the water like a fish.

Power propulsion is one of the key technologies of underwater submersibles. Shaftless propulsion technology eliminates the traditional propulsion drive shaft and integrates the propulsion motor with the propeller. The motor can be in contact with seawater and has a good heat dissipation effect. At the same time, it effectively saves the space of the submersible cavity and can be widely used in water surface and underwater power propulsion systems. Shaftless propulsion technology propulsion motor, thruster, steering gear and rudder surface, submarine tail shell are integrated into an integrated tail section, which has the characteristics of low noise, light weight and small volume, suitable for underwater long range, low speed, Large displacement unmanned submarine. The propulsion motor is a key technology for shaftless propulsion. The US Navy has carried out a number of related studies and has conducted prototype tests on large unmanned submersible vehicles. This has been verified by a full-system maritime demonstration in 2016.

waterproof motor

To an underwater vehicle (UUV), energy, autonomous control, navigation, communication and mission load are the five most critical systems (see figure below), energy is the heart, autonomous control is the brain, navigation and communication are the sense , Task load is a working tool.

The characteristics of Hengdrive B96A1M are: high power, high torque, peak power up to 4KW; FOC sine wave sensorless control.

In terms of energy system, the brushless motor B96A1M consumes less energy. At present, the working range of underwater submersible vehicles is greatly affected by power energy, endurance determines their working range, and energy efficiency determines their power performance. At this stage, the speed is generally low, generally within 10 knots, and the working range is relatively small, and the working time is short, which is limited by the dynamic performance. Due to its low energy consumption, this motor can be combined with an energy battery with high power generation efficiency to improve the power performance of the underwater submersible and thus improve its endurance.

6KW brushless motor

From the aspect of communication, the constant drive motor B96A1M can cooperate with underwater acoustic communication to transmit underwater data to the water surface in time. Underwater communication is a wireless communication method. Its operating distance depends on the carrier frequency and transmission power of the device used. Its transmission speed is relatively low, and the distance for transmitting information is also very limited. At the same time, underwater communication is greatly affected by the environment. The constant drive motor uses FOC sine wave non-inductive control, which can cooperate with underwater acoustic communication to complete the signal feedback of the performance of the underwater submarine. Alleviate the security problems of long-distance transmission.

The B96A1M also can be used in automotive parts, industrial equipment power plants, medical equipment power plants, power tools, etc.