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The classification of motors

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There is thousands of Motor in the market. Now we talk the Motor’s Type to share with you!

As per working power, there are AC motors and DC motors.
AC Motors will be with 3-phase and single phase that meant Voltage is different, which is different from the BLDC Motor’s that meant the quantity of waveform.
DC Motors will be with BLDC Motor (Electronic commutation) and Brush DC Motor (Carbon commutation).

As per construction and working principle, there are DC Motors, Asynchronous motors and Synchronous motors. The difference between Asynchronous and Synchronous motors: whether the speed of rotor is the same as the speed of stator’s magnet field or not. If that is the same, which named Synchronous motors; if not, which named Asynchronous motors. The Asynchronous motors is also including AC induction motor.

As per application, there are Drive Motors and Control Motors.
Drive Motors are very common that mainly name impetus application, including Electric tools (Drilling, Polishing, Slotting, Slicing, Bearizing etc.), Household appliances (Washer, Electric fans, Refrigerator, Air-conditioner, Recorder, Video Recorder, DVD Player, Vacuum Cleaner, Camera, Hair drier, Electric shaver etc.), Universal small equipment( Small Machine Tool, Small Machine, Medical equipment, Electronic instrument. Generally speaking, BLDC Motors is bias toward Drive Motors.
Control Motors is including stepping motors and servo motors, which is bias toward micromanipulation. If necessary, that will with encoder, and strict requirements in rotating speed and angle, like 0.1circle/M or 15°/S etc…

Above all, just the common sorting and standards for Motors, there will be some same, but will be with difference. In most cases, we choose the Motors according to Power and Application. Simple and practical standards are the most popular for us.