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The Advantage of BLDC Fan Coil

Source:Shenzhen HengdriveEditor:NSWAuthor:NSWVisit:-Release time:2014-07-15 00:10

Air conditioners, as large energy-consumption, energy conservation will the key standard for people to choose. Also the Db level will be another important index. Fan Coil is the terminal device in Air conditioner system, which will protect the environment temperature constant and eliminate indoor harmful gas. Using BLDC motor made of BLDC fan coil, whose excellent energy conservation and noise reduction are the large-bright spot to choose for the Air conditioner manufacturer.


There are outstanding features of BLDC fan coil: Relative to the normal ac motor, BLDC Motor take electronic commutation instead of traditional mechanical commutation, thus effectively avoided electromagnetic interference and noise from traditional mechanical commutation, then contribute to make the peaceful and cosy indoor environment for people. Furthermore, for the fan: high speed, lager noise. But BLDC motor can work via low speed, which will reduce the Db level. For common fan coil, using BLDC motor can make the Temperature control ability much more accurate. As you known, Normal AC motor Fan coil can control the Temperature difference about 2 degree, but with BLDC Motor, the Temperature difference is just 0.5 degree. We can choose the Temperature we prefer, and never appear the situation of the hot and cold.


 BLDC Fan Coil