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What are the advantages of Brushless DC motors Compared to Single-phase AC motor

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BLDC motor adopts permanent magnet material exciting, but not the electric exciting, in the same condition, BLDC has smaller size and less weight than AC motor, furthermore, BLDC motor is featured with high efficiency, excellent control characteristics, high reliability, long life, low noise etc. Because of these merits, more and more AC motors are replaced by BLDC motor in home application industry. Compared to single-phase AC motor, the advantages of BLDC motor are as follows:

1. Speed control
At present, AC usually has three-gear speed control, but BLDC motor has stepless speed change in a wide speed range, which will help customer choose the most suitable speed, and also will increase the product comfortable degree.

2. Noise reduction
BLDC motor has low noise not only during startup but also during running. Firstly, BLDC motor gets soft-start through DC frequency conversion technology, this will lower the noise during startup; Secondly, BLDC motor doesn’t have brush friction, it runs smoothly and has low noise.

3. Air flow volume
BLDC Motor itself has some features like: high starting torque, strong ability of overload, hard mechanical characteristics. When in actual use, the speed of BLDC motor is higher than AC motor, and the air flow volume is higher too.

4. System efficiency
High efficiency is one of features in BLDC motor speed regulating system. In total pressure efficiency of range hood, the speed regulating system with BLDC motor could be 7-8% higher than that with AC motor. The efficiency could reach 29.78%.

5. Energy conservation
Energy conservation becomes one of the future designing trends of household appliances. Range hood is the appliance which is used every day, though it is not used long for each time, but because of low energy efficiency of current AC motor, the energy consumption is still very high. There is a huge improving space in energy saving, according to the test results, to get the same air volume, induction AC motor needs 180w input, while BLDC motor only needs 80W input. BLDC motor is 50% higher than AC motor in efficiency.