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See you in 2016 Shanghai International Auto Air-conditioning & Transport Refrigeration Exhibition (CIAAR)

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Shanghai International Auto Air-conditioning & Transport Refrigeration Exhibition (CIAAR) is well known as the leading exhibition in the world automotive air conditioning and transport refrigeration industry. Hengdrive Electric Co., Ltd. is attending the CIAAR2016 on Nov.16-18, 2016 at Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center with booth NO. S03!  Hengdrive has the most standard 24 series of BLDC /PMSM motor in the world, with diameter 16mm ~ 120mm, output power 0.1W ~3000W, speed 60-100000RPM from All are with built-in driving controller. 

Hengdrive Electric Co., Ltd.continuously present BLDC/ PMSM motor of automotive air conditioning electric rotary compressor, Dc frequency conversion motor and driving controller of Refrigerator Compressor, dc frequency conversion motor and drive controller of Car refrigerator compressor. Hengdrive brushless motors have absolute technical advantage of high efficiency, super low noise, super excellent EMC, supper long life, high reliability, and excellent characteristics of servo controller, signal function available, bi-direction cw/ccw, PWM stepless speed control, brake function, locked rotor protection, high current protection, high temperature protection. Hengdrive brushless motors are widely applied to automotive parts, home appliance, medical device, personal care, office automation, business equipment, industry facility, robot, power tools, ect.