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Mature Technology, Stable Performance

Source:Shenzhen HengdriveEditor:NSWAuthor:NSWVisit:-Release time:2012-08-01 14:41


As world-famous medical apparatus company, we choose Hengdrive because of mature technology, stable performance. As we all know, the brushless DC motor have to be good between technology and performance for products of medical care .Hengdrive brushless DC motor is a reliable products based on general standard, which not only structure unity, concise, stable ,but technology and performance is improved step by step.

Customers Products : Medical Pump
Hengdrive BLDC items: B2430M、B3640M、B3657M
Characteristics : low noise, low vibration, high reliability, long life over 30000hrs


Characteristics : CW/CCW both rotation, signal function available, locked rotor protection, low inertia, low EMI, long life over 10000hrs 


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