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Headset respirators brushless motor Applications

Source:Shenzhen HengdriveEditor:NSWAuthor:NSWVisit:-Release time:2015-03-19 18:40

Headset breathing mask is most commonly used in medical and chemical industry: ventilator oxygen and gas mask. The ventilator mask mostly equipped with large medical ventilator, and use AC power. Because of chemical pollution, the gas mask usually be used with the protective clothing, so the motor must be big enough to produce the required air volume; but the motor can not be too heavy to wearing. On the other hand,the technology of brushless motor is too immature, so the cost of bldc motor  is too high to be widely used. In recent years, with changes in the global environment, there are many new respiratory masks, most of them have beautiful appearances and air purification function. Here, we take our Sweden customer as an example to give a detailed description of brushless motor applications in terms of breathing mask.


It is a household air filter respirators. because it is head wears, the Light is a very important point; meanwhile, it is very close to the ear,so the sound should be strict controlled, especially for medical use respirators, many patients use it during sleep, the sound have to as low as possible. We use B2410S brushless motor, which is only 24 * 10mm measure size. It is too thin to have a built-in controller, so we use another way to control it. We had experience on the desktop air purifier not long ago, which is also a super lower noise brushless motor, so the noise problem easily solved. The customer visited our factory several times to discuss this project. At present, this product has been shipping in volume.

We hope to have more opportunities to work with breathing mask products factories, I wish everyone in this business is booming!