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BLDC Four Advantages

Source:Shenzhen HengdriveEditor:NSWAuthor:NSWVisit:-Release time:2012-08-02 11:01

I will introduce BLDC four advantages, let everyone have a clear ideal of  BLDC.

1、BLDC has the brush DC motor`s characteristics , and the driver is the device of frequency change,so that we call ZBP. running efficiency of BLDC, low speed torque, Speed precision ,etc is better than transducers of any  control technology; as BLDC is working with self-control ,so it is not starting winding extra as synchronous motor of  overloaded start with VVVF, and it is do not generate vibration and step out when loading mutations.

2、BLDC`s permanent magnet, it adopts high energy products of rare earth ndfeb materials, so that the size of  BLDC of  REPM reduce a seat than then size of three-phase asynchronous.

3、BLDC is high efficiency ,and is big area; the efficiency and torque is high , phase factor (COSΦ) approximate 1, system efficiency >90% ; permanent magnet brushless dc motor `s rotor is synchronous operating in any case ; inverter duty ac motor is frequency control of motor speed ; BLDC is variable frequency speed regulation, the motor is working in synchro-speed ,the  rotor is not copper loss and iron loss.

4、BLDC has low voltage ,good feature; torque overload si strong , torque is big ,and current is small when starting.